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Dark Side Of The Moon

lu·na·tic  (lo͞o′nə-tĭk)n. 1. A person who is affected by lunacy; a mentally deranged person. 2. A very foolish person. adj. 1. Affected by lunacy; mentally deranged. 2. Of or for people who are mentally deranged; a lunatic asylum 3. Wildly or giddily foolish: a lunatic decision. Does it seem one side of the political spectrum […]

Stairway To Heaven

How many times have you heard this song and sang along as though you had written it yourself? If your my age or older it’s probably in your top ten or so favorite songs. But ask yourself, have I really ever listened to the words and applied them to my life? Have you ever appreciated […]

Your Own Personal Jesus

I have a habit of being an impulsive person prone to following whatever takes over my mind as I bend to outside influences. Sometimes tragedy follows those decisions but a lesson is hidden in each occurrence. This is a pattern of my existence on this earth formed I believe in part by my bi-polar condition […]