Define Freewill

free will


1. The ability or discretion to choose; free choice: chose to remain behind of my own free will.

2. The power of making choices that are neither determined by natural causality nor predestined by fate or divine will.

That’s what the dictionary says, but what do you think it means? Is it simply a construct of the mind or a tangible sense of controlling ones destiny? How much control do we really have in a world of overbearing media, overtly corrupt politicians and a dichotomy of influences pushing us in directions we may not want to follow? I would like to think I have complete control over my destiny but I know that to be untrue.

What we do have, if you have half a brain, is instincts and common sense. Common sense that tickles your mind when you feel something isn’t right, sets alarm bells off when your senses don’t quite comprehend the influx of data they are receiving. Instincts like my furry friend has in the picture, who see’s another dog in the distance and her instincts tell her if the dog is friend or foe. Are instincts and common sense one in the same? I think not as I believe common sense is not something you are born with, not something innate to the human psyche. I think it’s a learned behavior based on ones upbringing and life experiences. Instincts on the other hand seem to be more ingrained such as the fight or flight response.

So where does freewill come from, and why do so many people ignore it? Why are so many entranced by what I feel is the purposeful onslaught of ideas put forth by media, government officials and big business all seemingly meant to lead us down a path to this ideal, this political party or this product? Is it part of the human condition that we feel we must relinquish much of our daily lives and follow the lead of others on YouTube or Facebook? Or is it that you need to exercise your freewill as you would any muscle group, feed and nurture it so that you can push back on those who would control your life. I think you need to grab hold of freewill and not let go, push the boundaries of your comfort level you have been living with and branch out into what inspires your inner being.

My freewill has been growing slowly over the last few years as I pushed it along while letting go of all the hardships and defeats. It culminated recently when I left my home state with no notice to my employer or friends, no forwarding address or phone number to even my family.

I packed up my meager belongings and my best furry friend Brandy into my old Jeep and trailer and set out on my 55th birthday to find a new life to replace the tired and dull existence that was bringing me down. I had $2000.00 in my pocket along with the promise of a new job back behind the wheel of a tractor trailer, something I’m very good at and affords me a good paycheck.

My goal is to drive long enough to purchase a used pickup and camper to travel and live in, then lead a life traveling to all the places I have only seen through the glass as I drove across this great country. I want to work a job I love, not just one to support all the modern trappings of a consumer lifestyle.

I find it liberating to have very little in the way of possessions, nothing I have to worry about keeping safe from those who wish to take or steal from me. A simple life based on the three things one absolutely needs in this world…food, clothing and shelter. After that everything else is just wants that can be prioritized according to income. At that point I can choose how much I need to work to maintain my lifestyle and comfort level while freeing me from the bonds of a life not truly lived. The only thing you take with you when you die is the memories of a life well lived, everything else stays here.

My life goals are simple, take in as much as I can for free and live every day to it’s fullest. I want to fill my book of memories with incredible views of the mountains, soak in the silence of the open plains. Paddle across an misty pond at sunrise, bask in the glory of the stillness. All these things are there for the taking if you have the freewill to go after them. I have made my choice.

5 thoughts on “Define Freewill

  1. There’s such a sense of peace and knowing in your words John. Choosing to do what we love and not what’s expected and following our instinct and free will sounds to me to be following a road of enlightenment. I wish you happiness on the journey my friend.

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  2. Think off everything that disappeared from the grocery store last March and stock up a winter and spring’s worth! Even mobile, it’s going to be a LONG winter no matter what happens in 2 weeks. Be safe!

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