The Story In Your Eyes

I stumbled upon this YouTube video while resting at a truck stop today and it epitomizes everything I believe to be a life of freewill. Oh how I wish I had been more in tune with this lifestyle goal at a much younger age and could have made for myself a similar outcome. But alas, I was a fool with my time and now must reap the harvest that I have sown. Even so, I feel I can salvage a descent outcome with the time I have left though it is not my ideal. But isn’t that the story of life?

I believe a window to ones soul is through ones eyes, even for a dog. My above friend of 18 years is still a part of me even though he has been gone a few years now. The beauty he brought to my life will never be forgotten. Each soul we take into our hearts builds upon the last, the structure rises up carrying our lives to places we could not reach alone. Though I am a loner by choice I still have a few openings left for souls that will contribute to my life story, such as my current friend Brandy. Some might say a dog is no replacement for a human, but it has been my experience that a radiant soul can come from anywhere.

Take an hour out of your busy day and watch this video and be immersed into the daily life of a simple man leading a simple life. You can see his story in his eyes every time you look at him. I envy him immensely.

2 thoughts on “The Story In Your Eyes

  1. Unfortunately, that looks like something someone needs to learn by age 30, if they want to live it in their 60’s. Farming and self-sufficiency have not been taught to masses of young people since the 70’s, if not earlier. Those horses look like they have done these jobs, with him, for YEARS. Lots of people are going to be ‘up the creek’ for not having learned ANY of this

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